For Schon Magazine

Director. Kwon Hea Lin / Koo Soo Young
Model. Jeong Hyuck
Video. Koo soo Yong
Producer. Sung Hoon
D.O.P. Filmizer
Camera crew. Sung Tae Lee, Noah Shin
Photo.Kwon Hea Lin
Stylist. Lee Seri
Hair. Park Chang Dae
Makeup. Choi Min Seok
Set design. Uhyeon 
Pattern design. Kim Mocha
Cooperation with LOCO glass atelier

Schon magazine

The blind for the blind

We wanted to talk about an artist whose love ruined own life.
: inspired by the novel "Monika Maron“Animal Triste”

For many years, the main character of “Animal Triste” wears the glasses left behind by her lover, deliberately destroying her sights.She laments in writing “Wearing his glasses is my last chance to remain connected to him.”What a fool she is!

As in this novel, the main character of our work is also an optician who destroys his life by only making eyeglasses that are tailored to his lover’s eyesight.His artwork is a sad self-portrait, living the life of another person.

The first scene set in the optician’s work studio is well organized. But
The main character’s days are spent in spiritless stupor and as the story progresses, he becomes angry at his letharg. love is breaking his sight and collapses in anger at the self that makes it.