Personal Work

Director. Ayuna
Model. Sohpia
Photo.Kwon Hea Lin
Stylist. Lee Ha Yoon
Hair. Jong Meen
Makeup. Ran Hee

Neo Cupid

personal work

When we are reminiscent of a moment in the Greek myth, we think of the typical European white people. However, the creative works produced by the ancient Greeks show a dark skin and hairs. Our poor imagination might have been influenced much by the Gods' looks featured in the numerous art works about the Greek myths since the age of Renaissance as well as by the abuses of the Greek myths as the tool of the European chauvinism.  The myths do not only hover in their homes but also would become a basis for the group unconsciousness to be a huge sign and symbol, permeating through the cultures. So, we are obliged to expand our mythical imagination wider.
We suggest 'NEO CUPID' through fashion.
The custom would be broken down, while a new criterion would spread, glittering.